Monday, 1 July 2019

June's Calendar Challenge

Congratulations Entrants!
Our A5 entrants are getting more creative by the month. We love your entries as much as we love meerkats!

Monday, 24 June 2019

Sound of the Week: Short /o/, and The Three Sounds of ED

When you hear an /o/ after a /w/ the /o/ sound is written with an A, like in waddle. We waddled in our duck feet. 
We wrote words with a /w/ sound then an /o/ sound after it like; waddle, was, what, wasp and want to name a few.

Speaking of which, waddled also has our focus chunky monkey work ending. 

ED is a time traveler. He takes verbs into the past!
-ing is happening now and -ed happened in the past

The 3 Sounds of ED
We have clever tricks to work out if he says 'id', 't' or 'd'.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Genesis 1:31

Here's a little something to help us learn our memory verse this week. It is the perfect last word on an awesome term of marveling God's creation.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Policeman E

Protector ck ...Caylee (c) and Ella (k) work together to protect the vowel from the creature! The vowel says its short sound. We call it, it's weak sound.

Policeman E (Sian) jumps over Protector ck and says the vowel, "Oi you! Say your full name." The vowel (Isabella-Hope says its letter name. "A"

 Because the vowel says it's strong sound, it doesn't need protecting now, so Protector ck isn't needed anymore. The /k/ sound is just written with a K. C walks away.

Now the word is bake and Policeman E is super silent! 

It's fun to play with sounds!

                                           Making our own Policeman E's

Policeman E at work while we read our big book, 'The King's Cake'






Tuesday, 4 June 2019

May Calendar Challenge

Congratulations entrants! 
Our May calendar animal was in fact a plains zebra. They live in East and Southern Africa.

Below are Johan and Sian's entries. They were away on show day.

We had a special guest attend our Calendar Challenge show today, Sarah from D3. She was (and still is) a pro at Calendar Challenges. We loved her creativity and the experience that she brought to our show. She is so clever to have figured out how to make her entry a puppet show!


 Inside the box... Sarah's secrets revealed!

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Sound of the Week: /f/

Fingerprint fish!

I love how we come up with ways to help each other in A5 💗 These clever kids created a a conga line to help put on our art shirts!

Other ways to spell /f/