Friday, 14 March 2014

Our amazing Samuel C!

Welcome to our first post!  We thought we'd start with a bang!  Preschool let us borrow their sandpit so we could make a volcano for the letter v.  Here is Samuel C with the story he wrote after it.  His story was so good that we sent him to the principal and he got a Principal's Award.  Congratulations Samuel, we think you're awesome.  Your descriptions are super great!

Here is Samuel's story...

Lava as hot as a stove, fired out of the volcano like a bullet shot, like a shooting star across the bedtime sky.

Below is a photo of us getting the volcano ready (sorry viewers all of our other photo's have preschool children in them so out of respect we won't share them).


  1. I like your story.

  2. Samuel, your story is great and you are awesome.

  3. Hey Samuel, I like the interesting things you put in your story. I think your story is really nice.

  4. A3 I think you are super awesome and your comments make me feel good.
    Samuel C

  5. The volcano was exploding, it was really high and hot. It was lots of fun