Friday, 4 April 2014

2014 Calendar - Wild Animal Research Challenge

Our classroom calendar has a photo of a different wild animal every month.  The challenge for those who choose to accept it is:  

Can you name the animal and where it lives?

Our 5 year old, ready researchers went above and beyond and provided lots of interesting facts as well.  Here are the entries for February's animal.

Our fabulous entries created a healthy hearty class debate over whether our calendar elephants were African or Asian.   Two entries thought Asian and four thought African.  

This week we presented our March animal entries.  They were very creative!  We had a variety of styles - posters, a book, and a story!  Our calendar is in the background on the right if you want to see the photo for yourself.

Congratulations Luque, Sarah, Jonathan, Samuel C and Jonny!
This entry is Jimin's.  She was away when we presented our entries, but isn't it a great one!

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  1. What fantastic investigators you all are! I love to see all your creativity and hard work. Well done :-)
    Sarah's Mum