Monday, 9 March 2015

Wonderful William our Kingdom Kid

 Congratulations to our 
'Wonderful William'

Here he is receiving his 
Kingdom Kid Award 
at our Whole School Assembly.

William's certificate said:

"William knows God made us all to be like a family.  He makes sure everyone is included, meaning, he doesn't always buddy up with his friends.  William helps make our classroom a friendly place to be."

Thank you for treating everyone as valuable William!


  1. We are so proud of you William! As Mrs.Forrest said, kindness is like your super power! Thank you for sharing the awesome gift God has given you both at home and at school.
    Love mum and dad McIntyre

  2. I really think you stand out you are a wonderful boy

    by joshua

  3. CONGRATULATIONS William you must be A3 happy. Aimee

  4. I am impressed in that! by caleb y