Monday, 4 April 2016

From Reader to Robber to Writer :)

Tristan's thing is Writing and he's really good at it. You can tell it's his passion
1. because he writes all the time just for fun and
2. he wants to get better at it.

Recently, I showed the kids in A5 a little book I kept when I was at primary school. It contains words and phases that I loved and thought I could use one day in my own writing from books I had read. Tristan thought he could improve his writing if he did the same. So he went home, found a notebook and started his own book of borrowings.

Here are photos of our notebooks and the first page of each. Can you figure out whose is whose?


Tristan used the first sentence he had written in his notebook, in his story today.

The original sentence was "One night, there was a lot of excitement." Tristan started his story with, "One day, there was a lot of frustration. A bear stole a pear!"
 Super sensational and totally tremendous Tristan. Please promise you'll sign a copy for me of the first book you publish:)

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