Monday, 8 August 2016

We're off! JAPAN HERE WE COME!!!!!!


We are studying Japan this term. Professor Von Krum (Mrs Forrest's crazy statistician cousin from Sweden) heard about this and left us an envelope with a plane ticket to Japan! We only had 3 sleeps to get our documentation in order.

Last Friday afternoon, we packed our bags for our 2pm flight. We were ready to take on Japan with our passports in hand.

Here is Ruby getting her passport checked and stamped at the Auckland airport.

A Japanese flight attendant checks our ticket.

On the plane. 
Good bye New Zealand!!! 
Note the capable looking pilot at the front. 

We watched the Qantas safety video diligently, enjoyed the take off, the roar of the engine and rising above the clouds. The in-flight refreshments were scrumptious and our flight attendants were very kind. We had regular messages from the pilot as well. As we landed in Tokyo airport we noticed with our birds eye view that the land looked a little different to New Zealand's... but exactly how different? We will find out!

You can 'watch our flight' here...

  Safety video

   Leaving Auckland Airport

   Landing in Tokyo


  1. the airport look's fun by sophia.

  2. I Like the video Love Elsje-lee