Friday, 10 February 2017

Superheros Rewarded!

"What's going to work? Teamwork!" 

When we get 100 Superhero Value Points or over as a class we reward ourselves for loving and learning and making learning work. Together we earned 155 points. That's at least 155 times we showed RESPECT, DILIGENCE, INTEGRITY, KINDNESS or HUMILITY this week.

This week our superpower focus has been "The Flash" and there are some very fast superheroes emerging!

Our reward was time in the sandpit on Friday afternoon... but we didn't stop showing our values!

Toby gave his spade away to Josh as there weren't enough spades to go around. Nice sharing and so kind :)
Then Josh was quick to share himself with Josh!
Josh, James and Josh worked together and used diligence to dig all the way down to the bottom. They also found treasure! They said teamwork sure does work.
I caught Aiden helping Nicholas get the sand off his feet after we got out. You have such a servant heart Aiden.

Here are a few more pics...