Thursday, 28 September 2017


Could you get anymore creative???

Seeing your all entries makes me sad we only have 2 more Calendar Challenges this year A5. 😢

Here are some close-ups. Be prepared to be amazed!

Sarah created an A-MAZING 3D entry. All her own ideas Mum tells me. She put photos and information everywhere! The lioness in the back window is a stick puppet you can pull out and use.

So eye catching Aiden. Another 3D wonder!

So cute Natalia!

So creative Samantha! This month we are definitely loving 3D!

Great information Josh P, Kody, James and Josh M. That life size drawing of a lions claw was particularly interesting Josh M!

So eye catching Jeremiah. I love the handle and the layout. It makes your entry look like a poster you can buy from a shop!

How professional Olivia - a laminated entry! Lots of colour and interesting information.

Max and Noah your entries were like paper power point slides! We were entertained and learnt a lot!!

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