Friday, 23 March 2018

Protector ck!

WHEN YOU HEAR 'k' ON THE END OF A WORD, IS IT -ck, -k or -ke????
Protector ck  protects weak vowels from nasty critters.
(Watch the video below for more information on this rule. This video and others are on our Sound of the week: 'k' post)

pick    Protector ck is needed! I is weak by itself saying its short name/nickname.
pink    The I has a letter friend so it does not need protecting.
pike    The I says its full name. It is strong and does not need protecting thanks to Policeman E.

Here is Steffini, Tayla, Shiloh and Noelle with their protector ck shields to defend weak vowels. I wouldn't mess with them!

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  1. What an awesome picture!! I sure wouldn't mess you :) Mrs.T.