Friday, 17 October 2014

Our very own budding author

Check this guy out!

Jonny is the ultimate book maker.  He is always dreaming up amazing story plots and making them happen on paper.  The really fabulous bit is it is all self motivated and self created.

Here is Jonny sharing one of his recent big books 'The Wildebeest', with the class.

Jonny points out and explains one of his little characters.  We should have taken a close up of the left page.  The illustration of the character had so much expression!

He added lots of expression using his voice and his body.  Unfortunately we missed getting the photo of his arms out to emphasis one of his characters saying "No, no, no" on this page.

Jonny shows the signs of a great author because...  he left the class asking for more!


  1. Thats cool!By Lily in D1

  2. WOW those are really cool.
    From Oscar D1

  3. That;s some good drawing. By Isabella D1