Friday, 17 October 2014

Web of Kindness!

Our school value focus for Term 4 is KINDNESS!

We made a web of kindness with a ball of colourful wool.  We said something kind about someone in the class.  Then while still holding onto the wool, passed the ball to that person.  Before we knew it we had created a web of kind words, a bunch of smiles, warm hearts and a knot in the middle ;).  You can see from our photo we were all feeling pretty good by the end of it!  Kindness sure does make the world brighter.

Our challenge to ourselves is to find 100 ways to be kind.  But we can't just think of ways, we actually have to do them.  We are making a chain of all the ways we have been kind in A3.  Here is a photo of how long it is so far after Week 1!  We are REALLY keen to get it super long.  Our challenge has really made our class a nice place to be :)

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  1. WOW! That is great keep it up from Jessie