Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Autumn Stories

Today we say good bye to autumn and hello to winter. To celebrate the season of autumn here are our autumn leaf stories that we wrote during the delicious season of autumn.
Autumn leaves are crunchy and colourful. They fall so beautifully, like ballerinas in the breeze. Fluttering, twirling, dancing. They don’t make a sound when they fall down on the ground.
By Amber

Autumn leaves, they, like bird’s wings, flutter. They whisper on their way. They whirl, they twirl, they dance. They make me feel like bursting with happiness. Blazing fire. Burning lightning. They smell like black nutrients.
By Amelia

Green, yellow, red and brown. What lovely leaves. What about a purple leaf? Yes, they are perfect, too. Autumn leaves smell really good. They feel like a bite of crunchy potato chips. They look like a colourful rainbow. They make me smile.
By Annabelle

When the leaves fall in a pile I burst with joy because we can play in it. Jump, jump, I like to jump. Wow! Look at the leaves. They are very colourful. They twirl beautifully in the air. They look so pretty as they fall to the ground.
By Azaria

One day, I saw a leaf. It was outside on the ground. Then one of my friends picked it up. She took it to her classroom. She put it with the other ones. It was fun jumping in the pile of leaves. The smell of the leaves was a lot like mint. Down, down, yellow and brown. The leaves are falling over the school.
By Elsje-Lee

I love autumn leaves. They are fun. They make me smile and they are cool to play with. They look like burning leaves. They flutter around me and it makes me laugh.
By Harrison

I love all the beautiful autumn leaves. When they fall on the ground they fall like a crashing plane. They smell disgusting but their colours are stunning. They feel rough and fragile.
By Joshua

The leaves look like they are dancing around the trees to guard them so the trees will not lose any of their leaves at all. But their dance does not work. All of the leaves fall down. All the leaves have gone. The trees are sad and lonely.
By Leo

I like autumn leaves. The leaves are falling down from the tree. They smell like fire. The leaves are orange and red and lovely.
By Mele

As I fall from my tree, I fall down, down, over the town. I see some boys chatting and some piles of leaves below. I slowly land in one of them. My tree feels lonely. I am the last leaf to leave.
By Micah

I like leaves. I like autumn. Leaves on the ground look like an ocean. This one looks like a stingray and when I drop it, it flies. Autumn is filled with seas of leaves. Autumn gold is playful.
By Peter

I know that leaves change colour. Then they fall to the ground. When some leaves fall to the ground they fly. They fly in the breeze. Then they go crunch.
By Rafael

Down, down, yellow and brown. The leaves are falling in a pile. It feels like my heart will burst with happiness! The leaves smell like mint and feel soft. They look like the blazing sun. They look beautiful.
By Ruby

Leaves, leaves, our beautiful leaves. They twirl and dance and flutter around. They fly like a bird with a broken wing. They try to stay connected to the tree but the tree sadly lets them go. “Goodbye”, says the tree with a tear. “I will see you again next spring.”
By Samuel

Leaves blowing through the air. They are fun to play with. They smell like an old man’s shoe and they look like the maple leaf on the Canadian flag. The leaves are very rough.
By Sophia

The leaves change colour. They fall from the trees. Some float and drift from side to side. They are fun to play in. When we step on them they rustle. The colours of the autumn trees are yellow, orange, red and brown and that is the colours of autumn.
By Toby

Rub on the leaves one by one. Some are smooth. Some are sharp. They fall over the town. They fall like ballet dancers spinning and rocket ships crashing.
By Tristan


  1. I like autumn. Annabelle

  2. I think autumn leaves are beautiful! Azaria

  3. These are really wonderful :-)