Wednesday, 1 June 2016

May Calendar Challenge

Here are all our Calendar Challenge entries except for Samuel's. He was exploring the world when we took this photo.
Our animal was a tricky one this time. There were four different birds entered that people thought it could be. Three of the options looked pretty close but the actual bird was a SECRETARY BIRD.

People got really creative this month! Annabelle made a video entry because presenting is her strength (see video below).

Rafael loves creating and one of his strengths is kindness. He loves to share, so he made little birds for us to eat!

Rafael shares his entry in our Calendar Challenge show. He used great eye contact!
Super cute! You worked hard Rafael.

It is so cool to see people using their talents.


  1. thanks Rafael for your sharing, those cute brids were so delicious. Leo

  2. Those were awesome cupcakes Rafael. Yum, yum, yum! sophia

  3. I like your calendar challenge Rafael. Annabelle

  4. I Love the video Annabelle. Leo

    1. Thank you Annabelle