Friday, 29 July 2016


Safety warning: Do try this at home.

Today we performed contraction surgery. There were some close calls but most operations were successful without any complications or fatalities.

We were happy to see our old friend APOSTROPHE this week. We learnt about him last term when he was being pretty possessive!

This week we looked at his other job - stealing letters and gobbling them up! He goes where he's gobbled aka 'the cut'.

We've learnt that a contraction and its original two words, for example, 'I am' and 'I'm', are like a worm. They're the same worm, they mean the same thing, but one form is the extended worm and the other is the worm contracted. Like when a worm moves... extend, contract, extend, contract. Same worm, different forms.

Getting into our scrubs...

Ready for the operating theatre, surgical scissors and band aides in hand. A test run on "that is". These doctors look a little intense!

Time to operate...

The surgeon's added an apostrophe up the top on the cut and... a great job done doctors!