Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Term 3, Week 1 and back into it! Our Big Book - William's Wet Week

We are Reading Detectives! Here is one of our reading strategies in our bag of tricks...

We have been learning the story starts here...right at the front cover.
The author and illustrator can use the cover of a book to begin to tell the story and set the scene. This is where the author reveals or hides as much as they want us to know to start with.

In A5 we say 3 things tell the story:
1. the pictures
2. the words and
3. our voices

We team the pictures and the words to help us understand a story so we can tell it through the tone and expression of our voice. We don't skim past the pictures, they are not just there for fun (although they are fun). When we see a picture we...

"Pause, notice, wonder and return to the story with more understanding."

We did this looking at the cover page of William's Wet Week.

From the Cover Page we predicted:
  • It would rain for a week
  • The main character would be William
  • That what William wanted or loved was to be dry and warm because he did not look happy about the rain.
  • The problem would be that something happens to stop William from staying warm and dry. The problem is always to do with what the main character(s) want or love in narratives. Maybe his umbrella would fly away.
  • The week might only be Monday - Friday (a working week) because William is wearing a suit and holding a briefcase. This made us think he is going to work.
  • William would not work on a farm or an outside job because of what he was wearing.

We brainstormed what William would need to stay dry if it was raining and dressed Micah up in it. We noticed William only had one of these items...perhaps he needs more?


  1. Well done Micah or should I way William?

  2. cool Micah from Amber

  3. you look awesome from annabelle