Monday, 15 May 2017

Autumn Authors

We are BIG, like this leaf that Litong found, on autumn! As autumn is such a delightful topic to write about we thought we would get someone in to choose our best piece. We decided Mrs Bracey would be an excellent choice because she reads a lot of books being our librarian and she knows what juicy writing sounds like!

The entries were narrowed down by Mr Forrest choosing his favourite, Mrs Forrest choosing hers and the class choosing theirs. It was interesting that everyone had similar but slightly different favs. Mrs Bracey said she loved all of the finalists' stories and that it was a very hard choice. She finally chose Benjamin's saying, "It was the way you wrote about autumn leaves being like a fire that caught my attention. No one else did that." Mrs Bracey said there were some potential future authors in A5!

Here is Benjamin's autumn story...

Benjamin made this lovely leaf at home using different coloured leaf rubbings. You're so clever!

Here is Olivia's autumn story...

Here is  Natalia's autumn story...

Here is Noah's autumn story...

Here is Isla's autumn story...

*Remember you can click on the photos to view them in a larger size 😎


  1. Cool stories, A5!
    from Natalia's Mum

  2. Your the best Ben. By aiden.