Monday, 1 May 2017

Memory Verse Week 1, Term 2 John 3:16

We learnt a new word to add to our vocabulary today 'PERISH'. Here is a video we watched about fruit to help us understand what it means...we are glad we won't perish but have eternal life. Perish in terms of humans means to die. We thought we could have some fun conducting our own science experiments, observing food perishing over time. Tomorrow we are going to figure out what ETERNAL means!

We explored the meaning of ETERNAL today. Here are some photos from our discussion.

Natalia held the beginning of a piece of wool. This is where we started - as a baby (birth). We kept unraveling (adding years) until eventually we got to the end of our life. Jeremiah held the wool at the end (when we die). 

If we believe in Jesus the Bible says we will have eternal life. We tied the end of a ball of wool to the end of our life. When we 'tie our lives with Jesus' we live with him forever. The end is not the end!

We kept unrolling the ball of wool towards eternity. Out the door, past the playground... A5 was to tell Mrs Forrest when we got there so she could stop. However, we quickly realised we would have to go far past the school gate to find it, in fact we would never stop because eternity is forever and never has an end. It is a never ending ball of wool.

God is eternal also but he is more like a hula hoop than a piece of wool. He has no beginning and no end.

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