Wednesday, 14 May 2014

April's Calendar Challenge

Here are the winning entries (in no particular order) for April's 'name and place that wild animal' challenge.  You all went above and beyond.

Congratulations Samuel C! We loved the photo's, and super cool to see you presenting it in your own handwriting (...and in your rather fantastic self inspired home writing book, what an inspiration!!!)

Congratulations, Luque!  The cool thing about your entry is how you asked questions and answered them, "5 facts about Orangutan's" is a really catchy title.  You alerted us to orangutan's being an endangered animal and why.  These kinds of issues are really important to talk about because God gave us all the job of looking after the earth and what he made.

Congratulations Sarah!  It is really fabulous how you brought together facts, an acrostic poem you wrote, diagrams and pictures.  A superb variety, showing creativity and a personal touch.  An AWESOME entry!

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