Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Bubble, bubble, pop!

B is for Bubbles!

We had a lot of fun blowing bubbles while thinking about the sound 'b'.  We briefly brainstormed our first ideas and words about bubbles, and what we saw and experienced.  Here are just a few...

  • "a floating marble"
  • "slippery"
  • "colourful"
  • "bubbles all colours of the rainbow"
  • "flying everywhere, a bubble passed Bree"
  • "the bubble is like a balloon and it popped in my face"
  • "heaps of bubbles everywhere"
  • "I saw one in Aikona's hair.  I popped it, and he didn't notice."
  • "swirly metalic colours"
  • "a bubble sat at the end of my stick"
  • "POP!"
  • "I tried blowing on a bubble and it didn't pop!"
  • "the bubble mixture is gooey"
  • "bubbles pushed together"

Can you think of anymore ideas? - post a comment!

Tomorrow we will think more about how they move, what they look and feel like and what it might be like to be a bubble.  I can't wait to see what amazing stories everyone writes tomorrow.  We will post a few once we have written them.


  1. Was it fun making bubbles?By Lily in D1

  2. those bubble are big A3 By mackenzie