Monday, 19 May 2014

There's an arachnid in the class!

Our wonderful Jonathan LOVES bugs.  He delights us with them every week.  Jonathan has showcased a huge variety of local insect life for us to inspect!!!

Today he brought in the biggest spider we've ever seen with our own eyes.  It is called a Miturga in Australia, and a Uliodon in New Zealand.  It's common names are a Vagrant Spider or a Prowling Spider. 

We had to take this photo super fast because we could only open the lid for a short time... and we didn't want to get too close (they bite, but are not poisonous).  You can see how big it is compared to a lavender head!!!

Use the link below for close up photo's.


  1. Jonathan, I like your bugs! I like everyone's bugs and cobwebs. Some spiders are very good and some are scary. I like your bugs A3!

  2. that spider is bigger then a tarantula and the tarantula is the biggist spider in the world.luque

  3. i

    i like you with your bugs.

  4. Thats cool Jonathan!By Lily in D1