Friday, 3 March 2017

B is the Best!

On Fridays we do all sorts of things with our sound of the week. Here is what we did for 'b'

Friday Poem: Betty Botter - A Tongue Twister
We practised our tall lower case b's. Terrific letter height Xin Yun and Eric! We sounded out and wrote words with the 'b' sound.

Our big book this week was called Mr Bitter's Butter. Poor Mr Bitter had no butter for his best baked bread so we made him some. We hoped it wouldn't be bitter butter, but better butter than Betty Botter's butter.

We brainstormed what is in butter we thought maybe eggs, milk, sugar, flour and water. It turns out all you need is CREAM!  

We all had a go beating the cream. The cream was very thin and runny to start with. We had to beat the cream really fast to cause the change we wanted! 

The more we beat the cream the thicker it became!
Eventually, the cream started to separate and we could see a liquid (buttermilk) and a solid (butter). This happened more and more until we could see a whole lot of solid and a whole lot of liquid. The solid got harder as the liquid separated from it.

This is the solids we took out of the buttermilk.

Then we wrapped it up in a tea towel and squeezed it until there was no more liquid coming out of it. Ta-da! We had made butter! It was perfect the our best baked bread. Yum!
Everybody knows the best way to eat bread and butter is under bubbles!

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  1. We made butter. And we put it on the 🍞. We ate the 🍞. When we ate the 🍞 and mrs Forrest blew was very fun! Aiden