Thursday, 16 March 2017

We're going on a worm hunt and we're going to catch a big one!

In our big book this week all Hetty Hacket wanted was a farm with animals that were quiet. She tried having different farm animals on her farm but each kind made a racket all day... and all night! Finally, she had had enough so she had a worm farm.

We went on a worm hunt so we could write about these wiggly squiggly creatures!

We found long thin slimy ones, big fat juicy ones, incy wincy squemmy weemy worms. See how they wiggle and squirm! 

We hope to share some of our stories with you once they are finished!


  1. No one should ever kill a worm. Ashe

    1. You are right Ashton. Benjamin

  2. Worns are funny

  3. The worms are funny. They wiggle. James