Thursday, 23 March 2017

Our Very Own Author!

This boy is amazing! We totally recognise and love his creative talent. Below is the second book this wonderful author has written. The photos do not do it justice. The words and the pictures work together beautifully to tell the story in such a clever way. 
Our class (including the teacher) got super excited he had created a new story for us to read because we adored the first one so much.
The only question is... where do we buy a copy?
*Click on the photos to make them larger

You had everyone's attention with a worm that gets up to mischief!
What a clever illustration. There is just a hint of the danger to come in the bottom corner of the right hand page. You haven't given everything away. You have left the reader with things to figure out and discover. Reader's love to figure out the clues writers and illustrators leave. It makes them feel good when they notice.

Talented writer's 'show not tell'. You let us know the worm has been squashed, not told us. That is a far more interesting way for the reader to find that out.

Ha, ha, hilarious ending. Such a perfect way to finish and tie the story together.
I laughed so hard!
We love, love, love the pop outs you create. You really know how to entertain a reader!!! 👍


  1. Good job Toby. I love your story. I want to buy it! Aiden

  2. Wow you are so clever Toby! From Josh

  3. Your the best Toby. By aiden.

  4. I love it when Mrs Forrest takes pictures of me, like for these books. Toby