Tuesday, 8 March 2016


We have been talking a lot about respect this term.

Repect means treasuring God, everyone and everything He has made.

If God made it He cares about it. If He cares about it He wants us to care for it. God has given us the special job of being caretakers of his beautiful world.

R espect
E veryone
S elf
E ducation/learning
C reation
T ime

Respect is treating people as important (because they are!). We are learning one of the best ways to tell someone they are important is by listening to them.

We made a pair of ‘good listening ears’. We hope to turn our real ones into even better listening ears this year. Let us know how we are going when you talk to us!

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  1. Great photo guys!! You did really well at assembly with your awesome listening sharing :-)