Thursday, 24 March 2016

Thinking about Easter - Science and devotions go together!


We conducted a science experiment today to illustrate what Jesus dying on the cross means for us. This is the second experiment we have conducted to do this now. Science is great!

Here is what we did...

The coin represents us. We have value. The coloured water represents our sin

The candle represents Jesus.

Jesus took our sin away.

We tried the experiment a couple of times to see what happened if we added more or less water.

You can see the sin disappearing. 
Jesus is amazing!

A few scientific ponderings...
We noticed:
  • the flame was yellow/orange
  • the flame moved
  • it was shaped like part of an oval
  • the flame went out after a little bit of time, once the glass had been put over the candle.
  • the water went into the glass much quicker when there was more of it.
We wondered why the flame went out. A few students came up with a few ideas...
  • "Maybe it is cold inside the glass" Amber
  • "Maybe because of the air" Peter
We wondered if we could make the flame come back if we pulled the glass away quick enough - WE COULD, but you had to be quick before the flame completely disappeared.

We wondered how the coloured water got into the glass?
Micah said, "maybe there are tunnels in the glass". He used a magnifying glass to see if he could see any but he couldn't. He felt around the rim and felt a tiny dip that could not be seen. It still remains a mystery...something to think about :)

After our experiments, everyone is pretty keen to study Science as our theme next term. I'll see what I can do A5. I have to say, I like your chances. You are definitely showing signs of being super scientists!

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