Thursday, 24 March 2016


Our theme topic this term is:
We are learning how to be good caretakers of God's beautiful creation. We're not just leaving it to the adults! God gave the job to everyone.

Mrs Goodall from Zerowaste came to talk to us about rubbish; what it is, where it goes and how to REDUCE it. We especially learnt how to reduce rubbish in our lunch boxes. She came over two sessions.

In the first session we counted how many pieces of rubbish we were sending to the landfill (aka into God's soil) from our lunch boxes. We also looked at what we could RECYCLE or REUSE.

In session two we talked about better packaging choices, while still eating around-about the same things. Here are some photo's of session two...

Mrs Goodall gave us some awesome information. Here she is showing us the landfill options.

Mrs Goodall showed us how we can create less rubbish while still having our chippie treat. She suggested buying a big packet of chips instead of the small ones and to put a few in a plastic container.

The litterless options are on the left and the litter options are on the right.

We worked in groups to test our knowledge and see if we could sort lunch options into litterless or landfill.

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