Thursday, 24 March 2016

Recycling Centre Visit (Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE)

We're off! On the bus... exciting!
Listening to Pip our educator in the Recycling Centre's Education Room
Our recycling goes all over the world to be made into new things.
That mound you can see out the window is the old landfill covered over. The Recycling Centre site used to be a landfill for 57 years.
Safety glasses... check! High vis vests... check! Covered shoes... check! We are safe to go inside the Recycling Centre...

It smells in here!
Keeping together, keeping safe.
Workers sort the recycling travelling on a conveyor belt.

The end of the conveyor belt.
This is the landfill pile. Sometimes people put things in their recycling that cannot be recycled :(
Soooooo much rubbish!!! ...and this is just the Manawatu's! Pretty eye opening.
This is the paper recycling pile. Pretty glad this gets reused!

Outside the milk bottles are squashed and put in bales for shipping.

Imagine if our City Council did not have a way of managing our rubbish. Our houses might start to look like this! Rubbish is hard to keep tidy. The wild wind will whistle and blow wherever it pleases. Not very safe and healthy for us or God's animals. We really need to be good caretakers of God's beautiful world!

What we can recycle (left) and what we can't recycle (right) in Palmerston North.

Goodbye Pip and our Recyling Centre. We learnt a lot and loved our visit!

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  1. Very interesting and smelly day :-) you were all amazing listeners!! Fun learning x Mrs Brown