Tuesday, 8 March 2016

It's Policeman e, watch out vowels!

Policeman e

Policeman e is a rather bossy fellow. He likes to hang around at the end of words. He jumps over the consonant and says to the vowel, 
“Oi you, say your full name!”. The vowel does what they are told. Then Policeman e says nothing more.

Policeman e taking control of the word 'cake'!

Policeman e struts his stuff. Can you see who he is going to talk to in the word 'late'? 

In ‘not’ O says its nickname.

Policeman e changes ‘not’ into ‘note’.

Policeman e is giving that vowel a real talking to!


  1. Love all the smiles! The kids obviously had fun meeting Policeman E.

  2. This is great, all the fun things I never learnt at school! Toby was telling about Policeman E at home last week when he saw a name with a silent e at the end, it's great to see this sinking in!