Tuesday, 22 March 2016

So proud of these pirates!

This was just too gorgeous not to share! 
Mele and Sophia did an AMAZING job of their reading today. They read three books about Jolly Roger: two warm up books they had read before and one new one.

They put their words together so their reading sounded like talking - great phrasing girls. You are becoming fantastically fluent. I loved your expression!
...I also spy others in the background working hard on their Reading activities (well done you guys!)

You can see towards the end of their reading how many strategies Mele and Sophia used to work out any tricky words. Not only that, but they also thought about what would make sense with the story. They had a really good handle on what was going on in all three books. Honestly, I was so blown away I almost fell over. Talk about doing what good readers do. You guys rock! I am so proud.
Mrs Forrest xx

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